No Unions in the South?!

The United Automobile Workers (UAW) pursued the formation of unions all across the South.

On February 14, 2014 they wanted to start with the unionization at Volkswagen in Tennessee. The president of the UAW, Bob King, was stunned when the workers at the VW plant voted against joining a union with a 712 to 626 vote. For months, UAW organizers have been contacting and preparing the unionization at the Mercedes – Benz plant in Vance, Alabama, hoping that Mercedes would follow VW into a union fold. 
These results were not expected and might slow as well as perhaps derail the ambitious plans of the UAW to unionize Southern plants. Unlike American companies, Volkswagen remained neutral and not opposed to forming a union. King blamed Republican lawmakers, like Senator Corker and Governor Haslam, for this loss, hence they threatened the workers at VW. For instance it was stated that by joining a union the VW would end up in a struggle and being less competitive. Furthermore, the workers were told that the executives of VW were planning a second production line in Chattanooga, Tennessee if they rejected the UAW. Overall the workers at VW had reason to believe that these threats would come into effect. For example, about five years ago, workers of the Continental Tires plant in the Southwest (Charlotte, North Carolina), planned on forming a union. After receiving enough votes for the unionization, the company followed through with their statement prior to the voting and shut the plant down the next day, while relocating to Mexico.

Not too long ago, in September 2013, a majority of the VW workers had even signed cards saying they wanted the UAW to represent them. King had hoped that the unionization of, especially, foreign-owned factories would be his legacy.

After the votes were counted the anti-union employees were happy about the outcome, because they are convinced that UAW hurt the Detroit automakers and even pointing out that people came to the South because it does not have union.
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