New Year – New Law in North Carolina

N.C. law has been changed in some interesting parts. Here’s a short overview concerning the most important changes which went to effect on Jan. 1st 2015.

Real estate
Changes has been established in case of buying property. If you now buy property or have already bought it on or after January 1st, the owners of that property have to furnish a mineral and oil gas rights disclosure statement.

Transferring property which a married couple owns as “tenants by the entireties” to a trust has from now on the same protections from each other’ creditors as they would have before transferring it to the trust.

Anyone placed on probation for impaired driving will serve from now on a sentence in a local confinement facility, not in the state prison.

From now on the N.C. Department of Motor Vehicles is required to issue a single annual validation sticker for a license plate.

Election changes
From now on you have to be affiliated with a party for at least 90 days if you want to file as a candidate in a party’s primary. To file with economic statements coming from the State Ethics Commission is also needed.

Cuts in film incentives
Video productions can apply for grants at the Film and Entertainment Grant Fund within the N.C. Department of Commerce if the production meets minimum qualifying expenses $ 5 million for films and $ 250,000 per episode of a television show or for commercials.

State employees
Members of the Teachers’ and State Employees’ Retirement System, the Local Governmental Employees Retirement System, the Legislative Retirement System and the Consolidation Judicial Retirement System, who leave employment within five years can receive their contributions and accumulated interest.

Background checks
From now on criminal history checks are authorized for firefighters and emergency medical service personnel, even for volunteers.
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