Into the future with German 3.0

English has long since been the most widely spoken language in the world, but it’s no secret that German plays an important role as well. In January of this year, an initiative called “German 3.0” was launched by the Goethe Institute to spark new dialogues and examine and shape the future of German.

With roughly 60 events scheduled throughout Germany and abroad, the initiative hopes to promote knowledge of the German language worldwide. To do so, the Goethe Institution has teamed up with diverse promoters in the areas of society, culture, business, and science. Though the goal of German 3.0 is focused mainly on promotion of the language abroad, it has been noted that the promotion of the German language must begin at home since how native speakers handle their language will be taken very seriously around the world.
During the initial stages of the project, it became quite clear how important multilingualism is in modern Europe. As such, one of German 3.0’s thesis’ stresses that the need for language courses and training on intercultural competence will continue to grow. Currently, near 15% of the students studying in German universities come from a foreign country, a number which is expected to grow to 25% in the coming years. The initiative has introduced in a number of universities projects that break new ground in promoting multilingualism. As a whole, German 3.0 hopes to raise awareness that the German language now more than ever is the key to social, cultural and economic development in Germany.

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