I “may” have flown inside Hillary’s plane

Not trying to be political. Just observing. Funny to know that Merriam-Webster today made the German word “Götterdämmerung” to be the word of the day. But I may have flown inside Hilary’s plane, a Boeing 737-800. This is the fun story to share. One may think “why may”? After I saw the arrival in New York and saw the first time her chartered plane I got curious and looked up the registration number (The N-number) of the plane N881XA. The answer is that her plane was perviously owned by a leasing entity who leased it to AirBerlin, the second largest Airline in Germany. As a frequent flyer with AirBerlin this made me feel i “may” have been inside when I was flying from Berlin to Munich or for other German destinations. One may ask, and how about Donald’s plane? I looked it up as well. Here we have N757AF as N-Number. No, this one was not likely that I flew inside as I saw the former registration was for the Mexican airline TASEA. Well, if there is a wall you can fly over.
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und viele Grüße aus Charlotte
Reinhard von Hennigs