First Industrial Hemp Pilot Program in NC

Hemp production has been legalized in North Carolina, but only as part of the state’s pilot program allowed under federal law. The approved conditional use permit allows for the construction of a 5,200 square foot light manufacturing plant for its operations, which would start sometime next year on the north side of Dorsett Avenue just off of South Cox Street.

Industrial Hemp is Cannabis Sativia L and the Cannabis plant is considered Industrial Hemp if it contains less than 0.3% THC. This is not to be confused with high-end marijuana which usually contains 20-30% THC. The facility will process hemp plants and seeds into food and oil and will employe as many as 10 people on-site. It will also provide an opportunity for area farmers to grow and supply hemp under contract. The Industrial Hemp Commission (IHC), will be responsible for creating the rules and regulations to be followed by the program participants. The IHC will also be responsible for implementing university research programs. The pilot program will have a licensing cost of $250 plus $2 per acre.

For more information regarding North Carolina’s First Industrial Hemp Program, please visit the North Carolina Industrial Hemp Association at

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