Future of Society?

Future of Society?

Coronavirus outbreak

Coronavirus The global war against Covid-19 is a pivotal moment. Our lives have changed – and now we really are all in it together shows the folly of stripping state and society to the bone
ost of us have experienced nothing like this before. It is strange, forbidding and dislocating to a degree probably only experienced by those alive in the early 1940s. Events will get worse then hopefully better, but things will not go back to how they were. Nor should they.

Overload in a time of coronavirus
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The first priority of the crisis is of course public safety, especially for the groups most at risk from catching the virus. But there are public policy issues, and different futures that might arise as the crisis unfolds. Covid-19 doesn’t exist in a political vacuum.
The overriding narrative around the crisis can go one of two ways. It can become a story of personal, social and national isolation, of stockpiling and looking after number one, spiralling into something more sinister. Blame and the politics of ethno-nationalism and authoritarian populism could be boosted.

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