Four Considerations Before Taking Your Business International

As the world grows smaller, more and more U.S. businesses consider expanding their stateside operation to overseas markets. Business owners thinking about going global should consider the: 1) Cultural, 2) Legal, 3) Governmental, and 4) Business implications of expanding internationally. 
1.) Cultural considerations include language barriers, time zone differences, religious or lifestyle differences, market/product placement, and whether there is a need or desire for your product in a foreign market. Being a truly international law firm, BridgehouseLaw is uniquely qualified to assist your business in preparing for any international expansion.
2.) Legal implications of operating in a foreign country are complex and time consuming. Different labor and employment laws, export/import requirements, taxes, and liability are all aspects of expansion that must be addressed. The international attorneys at BridgehouseLaw can provide accurate and timely advice on international corporate law.
3.) Governmental considerations include the stability of the local government, the currency exchange rate, local infrastructure, and governmental assistance programs for businesses. BridgehouseLaw’s attorneys have the unique advantage of having worked with foreign governments and have built working relationships with many foreign governments.
4.) The business implications of global expansion require business to perform comprehensive market studies, financial feasibility studies, and potential partnership research to ensure that the business thrives in a global market. 
If you feel that your business is ready for expansion beyond the U.S., please contact BridgehouseLaw LLP at charlotte@bridgehouselaw.usor +1 (980) 219-5200. 
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