2015’s Best Cities For Job Seekers

Despite ringing in the New Year with a steady economic growth rate, the US is still suffering from an unemployment rate that’s hovering around 6%. Such an unemployment rate has forced job seekers to expand their job search area and often times consider moving to gain employment.

Rebecca Harrell, a regional vice president at the Randstad US national staffing agency, stated “a lot of people, either single or with family, look at certain areas for career opportunities and where they’re going to see growth and success. Most companies enjoy providing opportunities for people who are willing to be flexible and relocate.”

In a recent study of the countries 100 largest cities, Nerdwallet compiled a list of the best cities for job seekers in 2015. Topping out the list is Lincoln, Nebraska, having the lowest unemployment rate in the US. Not far behind at number seven is Greensboro, North Carolina, with its rapidly growing working-age population. Overall, the study revealed that job seekers should avoid coastal cities because they generally have high unemployment rates, high cost of living, and low population growth. Additionally, the list reveals that cities located near the country’s most sought after universities welcome job seekers.

As revealed by Nerdwallet’s study, the top ten best cities for job seekers are:

1. Lincoln, Nebraska                6. Austin, Texas

2. Fort Worth, Texas                7. Greensboro, North Carolina
3. Columbus, Ohio                   8. Portland, Oregon
4. Minneapolis, Minnesota        9. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
5. Denver, Colorado                10. St. Paul, Minnesota

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