What is the Golden Visa?

Like many other European countries, Italy has joined in on the “Golden Visa” conversation. Similar to the investor visa available in the United States, Italy is providing a prime opportunity to invest in its economy and society. Italy is situated as the third largest economy in the Eurozone and eighth largest in the world, but aims to add more strategic diversity to the economy. Italy possess many positive attributes that make it attractive to investors including, but not limited to, being a hub for global markets, a key player in manufacturing, excelling in research and development, or its strong policies and incentives for success and competitiveness. Italy is also a member of the Schengen Agreement, allowing potential golden visa holders the freedom to live in, or move freely through, the Schengen area during their visa duration. Free movement and living options are not the only benefit of this visa, but also the following: special tax benefits, family and children qualify for residency in Italy, one of the best investor visas for startup entrepreneurs, not subject to annual entry quotas, and a pathway to permanent residency and citizenship.
Criteria for Visa and How to Apply:
This two-year visa, which is renewable for an addition three-year period, is open for non-European Union citizens who fit the investing or donation criteria that does not include real estate purchase. Similar to the United States investor visa, there is a minimum monetary amount that must be met to qualify, but there are different avenues available for the golden visa. The potential investor can invest the following to gain this visa status: 500,000 Euros in an Italian innovative startup company, 1 million Euros in an Italian limited company, 1 million Euros in a philanthropic initiative, or 2 million Euros in Italian government bonds.
In order to obtain your investor visa there are a few steps to take. First, you will need a Nulla Osta, also known as a certificate of no impediment, that is released online by the Investor Visa for Italy Committee. Secondly, find the Italian representative, or consulate, in your country of residence and apply for the two-year investor visa.
For more information regarding the visa, benefits, or pathways to citizenship please reference the link below: