We are happy to announce the new member of the Bridge Alliance Family

We are happy to announce that our Bridge Alliance e.V. family is growing and expanding with a new office location in Mexico. Bridge Alliance e.V.  is Building a connection between business, law, and taxation. Our Bridge Allice family introduce The Grupo HT, IBARRA SANCHEZ Law Firm, there are consolidated as a boutique Consulting Firms in the Labor Law matters:
·         Legal Representation of all kind of people an entity both from the private sector and the public sector, before any authority of Labor Law.
·         Relations with Trade Unions to reach agreements and/or bargaining in favor of the companies we would represent.
·         Direct and constant contact with the Human Resources department of the different companies we work with to support each other managing the staff.
·         Preparation In matters relating to individual contracts of employment.
·         Preparation and registration of Internal Labor Regulations.
·         Agreements to terminate the employment relationship.
The Grupo HT, IBARRA SANCHEZ Law Firm have Attorney graduate from the university in Mexico, having experienced in Master’s degree in Labor Law from Escuela Libre de Derecho,
Consultant lawyer and litigator specialized courts of Mexico, Local and Federal Board of Conciliation and Arbitration, Administrative Justice, Amparo before District Judge or Collegiate Circuit Courts.
Partner of Ibarra Sánchez Attorneys at Law and General Director of Grupo HT Co, specialized in the area of ​​HR, labor litigation, advice to companies and workers, payroll, pension, and a retirement pension, recruitment and selection of staff, the advice in collective contracts, advice in business acquisition and negotiations.
Associate Attorney have experience focuses on advice for the prevention of labor contingencies, preparation of contracts according to the activities and needs of customers, preparation and registration of Internal Work Regulations before the Conciliation and Arbitration Board, advise and assist in Inspections from the Ministry of Labor, preparation of mixed commissions required by the Labor Law, assist in Agreements before the different Labor Authorities, both local and foreign.
Interested in Refund of social security Taxes to Foreigners?
If you are a foreigner (no matter what nationality), and you worked in Mexico for more than a year, we can request from the Mexican government the refund of pension taxes (“AFORE” savings fund for retirement), as well as the refund of the “INFONAVIT” contributions; we must remember that these two contributions were deducted from you during your entire work life in Mexico and you will be entitled to recover the same; we do so utilizing a trial, and when the latter finishes, delivery is made to you of a cashier check by the financial institution in charge of the retirement account, the above, provided the following requirements are met:
Through the the procedure followed vis-à-vis the Mexican Federal Board of Conciliation and Arbitration (“Junta Federal de Conciliación y Arbitraje”) (work authority), we request that the taxes which were withheld for the aforementioned items are transferred to your account of your country of origin, due to the fact that that is where you will enjoy your retirement.
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