Vegan sues McDonald’s after dairy, wheat disclosure

A professed vegan has filed a proposed class-action lawsuit claiming McDonald’s Corp. misled consumers into thinking its french fries are free of dairy and wheat products. It seems to be one of those stories. McDonald is sues for everything. For coffee too hot, for hamburger too fat and now for fries too natural.

Nadia Sugich from Los Angeles ate a lot of fries. Or at least enough of them to feel bad about her consumption. She said this week on Wednesday after filing her law suit, that she “would have never purchased or consumed the french fries if she had known they contain dairy and were not vegan.”

What is the legal theory is the question? “Unfair business practices” is the argument.

This was quick as only a few days ago McDonald’s informed the public that wheat and dairy ingredients are used to flavor the its fries.

Does this ring a bell? In 2002 McDonald’s paid $10 million. For fries!! This lawsuit was filed by vegetarian groups after it was disclosed that its fries were being cooked in beef-flavored oil. Exactly one year ago in February 2005 there was another 8.5 million settlement for a suit re: changing the cooking oil, but then delaying the switch.

In looking at the revenue the best investment may have been one small portion of french fries bought at McDonad’s.

Bon appétit!

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