Trademark and names

Confusion in Drug and Health Product Names: Health Canada’s New “Look-Alike, Sound-Alike” Policy. It all sound the same., But what does it mean?

A review of Health Canada’s new policy to review drug and other health product names in response to concern about “look-alike, sound-alike” names and errors in prescribing, administering, or dispensing these products. Brief outlines the reasons behind the new policy, the factors Health Canada will consider in evaluating drug names, and the timeline for review of drug names. Drug companies are advised to alternative proposed names for their products.

Is this only limited to Canada?
Could it impace also German American business relations?
Or could it switsch in a different market?

Well, after reading details my toughts are: check prior to any trade name whether it is not only a good name but also which similar but not related names you may encounter. If there is one .. it seems to be the better business choiche just to use a different name …

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