The BridgehouseLaw® Queen City Scavenger Hunt

We had so much fun at our BridgehouseLaw Team Building free Scavenger Hunt this morning, that we wanted to share our few little clues for anyone else interested in Exploring out Queen City uptown sometime. Enjoy!
The BridgehouseLaw® Queen City Scavenger Hunt
·       Use the following clues to find items and complete as many of the challenges as possible before time is up.
·       All items will be found North of College Street and will not require leaving downtown Charlotte.
·       Tasks can be completed in any order.
·       Photos can be taken on any team member’s phone.
·       Teams must stay together for the duration of the hunt – No splitting up allowed
Requirements to with BridgehouseLaw Swag:
·       tweet and add to all proof pictures @BridgehouseLaw #scavengerhunt and the hash tag or handle of the location you are taking a picture
·       if all is completed and tweeted, pick up your team price at @BridgehouseLaw office in Charlotte
1.     Credit cards won’t make this vehicle run, but it used to be the fastest way send mail (or gold) across the country. Take a picture of 4 team members in front of this historic vehicle.
2.     Grab a To Go menu from this favorite lunch spot for (most) BHL team members – if you are clever you can help yourself to some free vanilla ice cream while you are there.
3.     Charlotte is filled with history. Find a historic marker of a local site and learn what happened there.  Take a picture of 2 Team members there and be prepared to tell the rest of the group what you learned.
4.     This “twin-tailed mermaid” helps us start our mornings off with just the right amount of caffeine. Bring something with this famous logo (extra points if its a cup with a hot beverage inside).
5.     Jurassic Park in Charlotte? Bring a brochure from this new home for some pre-historic friends.  Extra points for snapping a picture of Team members brave enough to stand next to the gigantic crate used to ship them.
6.     Grab some Chopsticks or a Soy Sauce packet from this restaurant that is extra popular in the office for those team members working late (or on super rainy days) – who needs to leave the premises?
7.     This Vogel is covered with over 7,500 Spiegel (und Glas) Stücke. Take a Selfie of ALL team members with her.
8.     Fountains abound in the Queen City. Take a picture of 3 Team members making a wish in one of them (don’t forget to bring your Kleingeld when you go).
9.     Email just won’t suffice for some matters, visit a local post office and pick up a Return Receipt Request Ticket (BHL Kitchen area is OFF LIMITS).
10.  Lots of places share our Queen City’s name, but BridgehouseLaw only calls the one in North Carolina home. Take a picture of ALL Team members in front of this famous sign to find out how many miles it is to Charlotte, Maine.

11.  We have two miniature versions of this sculpture in our Berlin Conference Room. Take a picture of ALL Team members with this transplant from Berlin.
Best regards
und viele Grüße aus Charlotte
Reinhard von Hennigs