SCAM Alert: USCIS Does Not Request Form I-9 by Email

Please watch out for FAKE email accounts pretending to come from USCIS and requesting Form I-9 information by email.

The USCIS has confirmed this email account is FRAUDULENT: This is NOT a USCIS address, and you should not respond to any emails coming from this address.

The body of the email may contain USCIS and Office of the Inspector General labels, your address, and a fraudulent download button that links to a NON-Government Web Address ( Do NOT respond to these emails or click the links in them.

Note: Employers are NOT required to submit Forms I-9 to USCIS. Employers are required to keep these forms on file for a certain period of time for each person on their payroll.

If you receive an email from the fraudulent email address “”, please report it to the Federal Trade Commission. If you are not sure if it is a scam, forward the suspicious email to the USCIS webmaster at . USCIS will review the emails received and share with law enforcement agencies as appropriate.


Full notice is available at the USCIS website:

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