Remembering Ruth Bader Ginsburg


Remembering Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Notorious RBG. Today’s Musing will not start with a question. Usually, I would say something like “who is the notorious RBG?” but that would not be right because we all know who Ruth Bader Ginsburg is. As the Associate Justice to the United States Supreme Court, she touched so many hearts and to my surprise, she was even known by my children when we talked about her over the weekend.


RBG touched so many lives because she was different, she was smart, intelligent, and she had strong opinions. In the end, it did not matter if you agreed or disagreed with her. It was nice to see the friendship develop between her and Antonin Scalia who is on the opposite side of the political spectrum as her. Together they shared interests such as the opera and more. What I am Musing about today is the fact that we all may believe that at this time, the interest of people is to make sure the political opinions are properly heard at the Supreme Court.


When I attended a lecture by an American law and European law scholar and professor some time ago, he said near the end that you would think that the Supreme Court would be political, but they are not. Only very few opinions are made on the political lines. We have seen Chief Justice Roberts change his opinion more than once when it comes to siding on particular topics, however, I don’t think he changes his opinion and always stays true to himself. So was RBG, she always stayed true to herself and what she believed in and it is a tremendous loss for the community. In the end, justice will continue, I am just curious to see how the new Supreme Court will shape out.


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