I just realized the “WEB SITE OF THE WEEK” of the North Carolina Bar Association. They talk about the flu.

Hm, with a website called it must be something.

Well here we go: “The potential outbreak of avian flu has raised awareness levels among countless individuals and organizations, including lawyers and law firms concerned about the health of their employees and the continuity of their practices.” Therefore it was suggested to read the page. This is the same I will do. Check it out .. and get a flu shot … if you manage to get one.

What it means legally is also to compare sick days. In Germany there is a 6 weeks pay requirement per each sickness. This is mandated by Federal law, the Kündigungsschutzgesetz.

In the US states, there is nothing like that.

Stay healthy, regardless of where you are!


Best regards
und viele Grüße aus Charlotte
Reinhard von Hennigs