New MyTSA Mobile App Aims to Make Traveling Easier for Everyone

More people are traveling now than ever before. While some people enjoy traveling and others despise it, and some travel only for business and others simply for pleasure, there is one thing that nearly everyone who must pass through the checkpoints and the lines at the airport can agree on: they do not like dealing with the TSA.

The Transportation Security Administration, or TSA, has had to frequently increase security at airports, and whenever they do so there is a predictable backlash amongst travelers. The TSA has now released its very own mobile phone App to try and take some of the stress and confusion out of the process.

The “My TSA” app will allow users to access information about their trip, such as which airports are experiencing general delays, or which items are prohibited on the airplane. The App will be able to answer questions about which items can be carried on and which must be checked, and will provide advice on topics such as packing, traveling with children, what clothes to wear to make traveling easiest, and how to travel with gifts and food. Users will also be share their wait times in line, and check ahead to see how long it took their fellow travelers to get through the security checkpoints before arriving at the airport.

TSA has the ability to update the App to give users the most up to date information, and users will be able to communicate directly with TSA through the app with specific questions about security procedures.

To get MyTSA on your mobile device, type in You can find the MyTSA iPhone app on iTunes.

(c) Picture: TSA

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