NC Appeals Court Stays Order Taking Primary Custody from Mom with Breast Cancer

On June 15, the North Carolina Court of Appeals granted a temporary stay in the case of Aliana Giordano.

As previously reported on our Facebook page, the women with advanced breast cancer lost the primary custody of her two children in April 2011. A Durham County judge ruled the children were better off with her father in Chicago due to Aliana’s uncertain prognosis. Since the judge was quoted as saying, Giordano’s health was one of many factors in the ruling, more than 21000 people have ‘liked’ a Facebook petition calling for the Governor of North Carolina, Bev Perdue, to overturn the decision.

As a consequence of the temporary stay by the North Carolina Court of Appeals, Giordano will not have turn her children over to their father next week. In a written statement the mother said, she is very pleased to hear the news about the stay. The appeals court now has to decide whether to extend the stay of the children with their mother for the entire appeals process. No date has been set yet for that decision.

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