Moving to North Carolina with a Pet

You are moving to North Carolina and want to bring your pet? No problem! Here is some important information you need to know.

Your cat, dog or ferret older than 4 months has to be licensed within 30 days of your moving date.

For licensing, proof of a current rabies vaccination is required. “Current” means the pet has to have had a vaccine shot within the last year if moving in from out of state, the last three years if moving within the state.

Registration is administered by PetData:

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Animal Licensing

c/o PetData

PO Box 141929

Irving, TX 75014-1929

For licensing your pet, click here to print and fill out the application. Together with the application, you must send in the required paperwork. The required paperwork consists of:

  • vaccination proof;
  • proof of whether the pet is fertile or unfertile; and
  • proof that makes your pet eligible for any exemptions, for example age discount (62 years or older) or if applying for the show dog exception.

The licensing fees vary depending on whether the pet has been made unfertile or not. An unfertile pet will cost $10 for one year, a tag valid for three years costs $25. A fertile pet costs $30 for one year, longer lasting tags are not available. The license has to be renewed annually. In case the renewal is not timely, Mecklenburg County charges a late fee.

You will also need a permit if you own three or more dogs or cats that are frequently kept outside. For more information, please click here.

For more information about all pet or animal related questions, especially about missing pets, go to the Charlotte Mecklenburg Animal Care and Control website.

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