Mom Settles Wrongful Death Suit With Sons

A woman on trial for allegedly murdering her psychologist husband has agreed to pay $300,000 to two of her three sons to settle a wrongful death lawsuit.

Mother and wife killed father and huspand and now pays the children?

Strange case?

Here are a few details: Susan Polk, 48, said she killed her husband in self-defense after years of abuse. Two brothers then filed a civil suit over the death of their father, Felix Polk, 70. Also they are both testifying for the prosecution in their mother’s murder trial.

The settlement came to light last week as Susan Polk, who is representing herself at her trial, was cross-examining her youngest son, 19-year-old Gabriel Polk.

Touchy family …

But here is one more: The couple’s third son, Eli Polk, 21, is expected to testify for the defense and did not join the civil suit.

Well the case is over now … the civil matter only!

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