internships, travel etc. in Germany

I got an email today about what to consider when in Germany… well here is an excerpt of my reply. I welcome any comments, especially other great websites which may serve as a starting point to learn more about Germany.

So, here we go….

First of all: no worries, to be in Germany is safe, no more worrisome than in the US.

I trust your daughter read a few books about life in Germany as rules of for example what it means to be polite differ a little. There are many online resources available, e.g. or or also the book by Ms. Stern “Strange German Ways”.

Once your daughter is in town I would suggest to visit the German Cultural Center on Colony Square
She could meet students from Germany there who do an internship here in Atlanta or just dive in the other world, read books etc…

Travel in Germany is comparable safe as travel would be in the US, many persons use public transportation as their preferred means of travel.

Generally most of the youth in Germany will be fluent in English and open to offer assistance- if asked.

best wishes,
Reinhard von Hennigs
Best regards
und viele Grüße aus Charlotte
Reinhard von Hennigs