Innovation and Science in Germany in light of CoVID

 Coronavirus: anger in Germany at report Trump seeking exclusive vaccine deal
MPs and ministers criticize display of ‘self-interest’ and accuse US president of electioneering German ministers have reacted angrily following reports US President Donald Trump offered a German medical company “large sums of money” for exclusive rights to a Covid-19 vaccine. “Germany is not for sale,” economy minister Peter Altmaier told broadcaster ARD, reacting to a front-page report in Welt am Sonntag newspaper headlined “TruIn the past two months, Landt and his staff at the company’s production facility—a former industrial building just south of the disused Tempelhof airport—have produced 40,000 coronavirus diagnostic kits, enough for about 4 million individual tests. TIB has reoriented its business toward coronavirus, running its machines through the night and on weekends to make the kits, which sell for about €160 ($180) apiece. As orders have poured in from the World Healthmp vs Berlin”.

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