Immigration Reform News 2014

Comprehensive immigration reform is about to be taken up in the Capitol Hill early in this year and it is time to think before taking a decision on the contentious issue. Indications that more and more people want to see the comprehensive reform implemented are positive.

The conservatives in the House are still wary of the pathway to citizenship part of the immigration bill and claim that this provision goes too far and can lead to the reform package’s defeat. On the other hand, the Democrats and Obama administration is adamant about including the pathway to citizenship as a major part of the comprehensive reform bill. They argue that it has already been approved as one provision in the bill passed this summer.

The fresh poll conducted lately by Pew Research Center shows some interesting facts that might help get a handle on how the Hispanics and their vote can affect the coming year elections in view of the immigration reform. The poll found that Hispanics and Asian-Americans are more concerned about getting deported, even if given an opportunity at citizenship, only 44 per cent legal Hispanic immigrants would opt for citizenship, with the remaining content at legal permanent residency. Mexicans make up the largest immigrant community in America, and of them 36 per cent would chose citizenship.

This is an enlightening fact, one that can greatly affect the decision on the bill early this year, and that the politicians would wisely pay heed to. Since the Congress and President Barack Obama is basically trying to help this very group, it does no good to offer something they are not really keen on getting. So there are hope for everyone in the new year including the undocumented immigrants.

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