How We Can Reduce the Food Waste Problem


How We Can Reduce the Food Waste Problem

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What are rotten tomatoes? The movie enthusiasts will tell me that Rotten Tomatoes is a great movie reviewing platform. When filmmakers release a movie, they keep a close eye on their Rotten Tomatoes score. But, rotten tomatoes, rotten food, and other food waste equate to 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions. This means that if we want to tackle global warming or clear up landfills, then we have to stop throwing food away. The biggest source of throwing food away does not come from you as a consumer, the largest waste of food comes from those who are selling food.

During the wholesale and retail process, a significant amount of food gets dumped. A British grocery chain named Tesco announced the other day that they want to reduce the amount of food that they throw away from off the shelves by 27%. They throw the food out because it is expired or for some other reason considered uneatable. I have two thoughts about this.

How We Can Stop It Food Waste

We all know that there are emission certificates out which allow companies to continue to pollute the air but flash a meaningless certificate around to pretend like they don’t. How about we give away real food emission certificates. If a company wants to get rid of food, then they are not allowed to throw it away but rather to give it to a shelter or to other places where they can still use the food. They can also pay emissions equivalent to that so that the organizations are funded. There’s a win-win. 

Those places like shelters who rely on donations get their food and they get funded by the emissions certificates. It’s a brilliant idea, I’m not sure that I’ve heard it before. If you have heard it before, shoot me the information because I would like to follow up and see what happened with that idea. In the meantime, eat healthy, stay healthy, and take care.

–  Reinhard von Hennigs

This video was transcribed from Reinhard von Hennigs Morning Musing on 9/24/2020. You Can watch that video here.

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