Hire and Fire Part II – 3 Million Dollar for a blind person

I am just reading an AP newsticker as quoted

“A jury awarded $3 million Tuesday to a blind woman who was fired from her job as director of Pennsylvania’s agency for the blind and visually impaired. Christine L. Boone, who was forced out as director of the Bureau of Blindness and Visual Services in 2003, claimed she was discriminated against because of her disability.”

What I had writtenyesterday. If you are fired there is always a way to argue discrimination. In this case it seemed to be effective. She collected 3 Million Dollar for the so called “wrongful termination”.

And of course the other party stated “Boone was fired because of her shortcomings as a manager.”

The result once more: check prior to any termination whether the person has any defenses.

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Reinhard von Hennigs