H-1B Visa

There are discussions about changing the numbers of H-1B Visa approved in eachfiscal year. I just saw the so called “Sample Letter from Business” which is intended to show a demand to Congress in support of H-1B changes.




Dear Senator/Representative ________:

[NAME OF COMPANY] has signed on to a letter with more than 600 other companies and universities asking Congress to immediately address an escalating crisis: multi-year immigrant visa backlogs and an H-1B visa “blackout.” The Senate Judiciary Committee’s bipartisan budget reconciliation package offers a viable solution to both of these problems and was affirmed by an overwhelming 85-14 vote on the Senate floor. We urge you to give the Senate proposal your strong support and oppose any attempts to weaken the relief it provides to U.S. businesses and educational institutions during House and Senate Conference negotiations.

This is a great thing. So if you have any intention to hire a foreign national you should sign this petition. The reality is: U.S. employers are confronted with a year-long blackout on access to this talent pool as they need to apply several month in advance and ifthey miss the deadline they need to wait another year.

So please go to the website and endorse this program. You never know when you may need it.


Best regards
und viele Grüße aus Charlotte
Reinhard von Hennigs