German Billionaire Invests in Drone- Defense Startup

Drones used to be devices that were rarely seen in the public, but nowadays, you can see them everywhere you go, mostly due to the fact that they are now quite cheap with many costing less than $50. Be it in the sports stadiums, airports, oil refineries, jails, and many others, drones have now become a part society.

However, because these drones can be easily used by anyone, it can be used to infringe on the privacy of others. You do not have to worry though as “Dedrone” a warning system made by a German-American maker of drone protection technology is here to alleviate any drone fear you might have.

Dedrone helps protect the airspace smart cities, airports, oil refineries, and others from menacing drones. It has a system that can accurately distinguish between drones, birds, and helicopters. It has already been used at Davos to protect VIPs while it can also be used to inspect construction sites. The popularity of this product as started to increase as Stefan Quandt, a BMW heir, through Aqton Private Equity bought 10.15 percent of Dedrone’s share capital for an unknown sum.
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