Facebook Friend Request Leads to Jail

To follow up on our previous blog post: Facebook cannot only get you in trouble in Germany these days, but also in the United States…

A Florida juror, who claims he mistakenly sent a friend request to the defendant in an automobile negligence case, was dismissed when the defendant showed the request to her lawyer, who then took the matter to the judge.

Following his dismissal from the case, the juror decided to post the following message to his Facebook account: “Score … I got dismissed!! apparently they frown upon sending a friend request to the defendant … haha.”

The presiding judge was not amused. After a two hour hearing, she said: “I cannot think of a more insidious threat to the erosion of democracy than citizens who do not care.” The judge ultimately found the former juror guilty of criminal contempt of court.

Befriender beware….

(c) Picture: freedigitalphotos.net

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