Exporting Goods to Canada – Legal and Practical Considerations

Honorary Canadian Consul, Dana M. Hicks, III held a speech about “Exporting Goods to Canada – Legal and Practical Considerations” at Charlotte School of Law on Tuesday, March 22, 2011. The event was presented by the North Carolina Bar Association International Law & Practice Section and organized by Byrne, Davis & Hicks, P.C.

With about 63% of all imports the United States is Canada’s largest trade partner. Due to the border-state phenomena Canada, consisting of ten provinces and three territories, the country is of high importance to the U.S. Most of the industry is settled among the U.S./Canadian border where most of the Canadian citizens live.

Mr. Hicks reminded the audience that U.S. companies must consider certain cultural differences when planning to export goods to Canada – for example, labels must be in English and French.

The event provided a great learning experience for professionals and law students alike. Besides updating the audience on the current state of the Canadian economy, Mr. Hicks procured practical advice and ideas of how to export goods to Canada. Mr. Hicks himself was fascinated by the audience during the presentation and the networking reception afterwards. “The questions in the end encouraged me!” said the honorary consul.

More information on Mr. Hick’s presentation “Exporting Goods to Canada – Legal and Practical Considerations” to follow soon!

(c) Picture: European Commission

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