Every Vote Counts!

Can’t make it to the polls on Tuesday, November 2 to cast your vote? No problem! Early voting is open all over North Carolina and Georgia.


This year’s midterm elections on Tuesday, November 2 will determine the outcome of a U.S. Senate race, all 13 North Carolina congressional seats, all North Carolina Senate and House seats, state judicial races, local/municipal offices across the state and even some bonds and other matters. That’s pretty important, given the likely low voter turnout (as in most midterm elections).

If you have to work on November 2 or have some other plans keeping you from getting to the polls, why don’t you take advantage of absentee voting.

In North Carolina, absentee voting is comprised of two methods by which registered voters may cast ballots other than the traditional method of appearing in person and casting a ballot on the day of the election. These methods are absentee by mail (civilian absentee voting and military and overseas citizens absentee voting) and absentee in-person (one-stop absentee voting).

Please click here for a list of early voting sites across North Carolina. For more information on voting in North Carolina, please click here.


Think you might not be able to make it to the polls in Georgia on election day? Like in North Carolina, that does not mean you cannot vote. Simply get your vote in early! There are early voting locations all over the state. Check the Secretary of State’s Office website for early voting locations and hours.

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