Department of Homeland Security Travel Redress Inquiry Program (DHS TRIP)

For a traveler who has the feeling that he has been subject to too many additional screenings at transportation hubs, like airports and train stations or U.S. borders, DHS TRIP is the right address.

DHS TRIP offers individuals a platform where they can seek help regarding difficulties they have experienced during their travels. Typical difficulties include being denied or delayed when boarding an airplane and being denied or delayed entry into and/or exit from the U.S.

A common reason for the inconvenience is that the person is mistaken for one on a terrorist watch list due to similarity in names. In such a case, DHS TRIP can be helpful by providing a redress control number which is automatically assigned to the inquirer following his inquiry. The number can help prevent systems from future misidentification.

Due to security and law enforcement issues, however, DHS TRIP does not inform a person whether his name can be found on the watch list.

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