David Copperfield Reveals Magic Trick In Court


Magicians are known for never revealing the secret behind their magic tricks. In April 2018, however, the world’s highest-paid magician, David Copperfield, had to reveal his “Lucky #13” trick in a Nevada court, where he and the Las Vegas MGM resort were sued for negligence by a British tourist, who claimed he suffered a dislocated shoulder and a brain lesion when he participated in the trick.

The “Lucky #13” trick works as follows: the magician chooses thirteen (13) random members of his audience to join him on stage, makes them all disappear on stage and reappear at the back of the room.

For those, who do not wish to know the secret behind this trick, please stop reading!

After the chosen thirteen (13) “disappear” behind a curtain, stagehands lead them through passageways out of the building and back inside to the theater.

It was while being rushed through those passageways that the British tourist claimed that he fell and was injured. The Plaintiff also alleged that construction debris and dust were in the passageways he was being led through and that it was the Defendants’—the MGM resort and David Copperfield—duty to “provide a safe environment” to audience members. The Defense, however, claimed the passageways were clear.

Whether the Court will decide for the British tourist or the famed magician and the Las Vegas resort, will be determined in the months to follow.