Charlotte Needs Venture Capital

Forbes magazine recently named North Carolina as one of the top states for businesses and careers in the publication’s 10th annual list. However, Charlotte’s geographical neighbors such as Atlanta, Nashville and Tampa are outpacing the city when it comes to drawing in venture capital and nurturing start-ups. Surrounded by big banks and other large companies, Charlotte lacks a medical school, which in recent studies has shown to be problematic as it stifles the number of inventions, patents, as well as venture capital, research and development money.

Between 2011 and 2013, Charlotte averaged a mere 42 inventions and 12 patents, compared to Atlanta’s 494 inventions and 100 patents and Nashville’s 178 inventions and 37 patents.

Despite the seemingly bleak numbers, there is hope for Charlotte as it continues to grow, change, develop and adapt. Moreover, while Charlotte is unable to currently boast about its start-up success unlike its neighbors, there are many companies that promote start-ups by fostering intellectual and nurturing environments and enhancing it growing business climate.

Companies like BridgeCubator, a part of the Bridgehouse global family of entrepreneur and business-growth focused services assist individuals and businesses with cultivating relationships and creating new revenue stream for start-ups.

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