Bonomi North America Relocates to Charlotte

Bonomi North America Inc., a subsidiary if the worldwide Bonomi Group located in Brescia, Italy, announced the relocation of their headquarter from Rock Hill, S.C. to Charlotte, N.C. With the relocation Bonomi was able to create 11 new jobs in Charlotte and expects to grow within the next years. The new headquarters office will be located on 750 Imperial Court.

After outgrowing their facilities in Rock Hill, Charlotte was just the ideal place to move to; for one Charlotte is the center of their customer base and gives the company the opportunity to expand even more due to the international and professional settings of the city.
Rubinetterie Bresciane Bonomi (RB) was founded in 1901 in Lumezzane, Italy as a faucet manufacturer. Nowadays, The Bonomi Group of Italy consists of three different manufacturing centers, in which the production is fully automated. Valpres is located in Marcheno, Italy and was founded in 1978. Valbia, though, is again located in Lumezzano and was founded in 1995.
The Bonomi Group proudly manufactures all of their own components and forgings in under 500,000 square feet of manufacturing space. Concerning the quest for vertical manufacturing integration, Bonomi is unmatched by any other competitor.
In 2003, Bonomi North America – back then Bonomi USA – started its business in Rock Hill, where it combined all products of RB, Valpres and Valbia in one source. Moreover, Bonomi has another location in Oakville, Ontorio Canada.
As one of the fastest-growing valve manufacturers in North America, Bonomi has now decided to locate their headquarters in Charlotte. It’s success is a result of Bonomi’s ability to stock millions of dollars of specialized products and for it’s immediate delivery capacity. The company is the only manufacturer of low-torque, high – performance, direct mount ball valves and pneumatic and electric actuators, which are mated in one another for a long – term performance.
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