Anti-Trust charges filed against Google

On April 15, 2015, the European Union (EU) filed antitrust charges against tech giant Google, Inc., alleging that the company favors its own products in search results over its rivals’ services. The complaint is based on allegations from competitors that Google diverts web traffic from competitors’ rivals to its own comparison-shopping site.

The EU also opened a formal antitrust investigation into Google’s Android smartphone software after complaints arose that Google abused its dominant position (it currently controls an estimated 81% market share of smartphone operating systems) by pre-installing its own apps and services onto Android smartphones which gave Google preferential treatment over its rivals.

The article indicates that should Google fail to respond to the complaint, the EU could levy a fine that could exceed €6 billion which is an estimated 10% of Google’s most recent annual revenue. In addition to the fine, the lawsuit signals a more aggressive expansion by EU regulators in investigating how American tech companies operate in Europe.

Google has not responded to the suit and maintains that it operates within all applicable laws.
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