North Carolina Legislative News


The North Carolina Legislature has been pretty active on different topics over the past few months.
Below is a quick overview of some bills dealing with the Bright Futures Act, personal injury bankruptcy trust claims, the alcoholic beverage control commission laws, and small wireless communications infrastructure.
House Bill 68 (February 9,2017)
This act encourages the establishment of bright markets by enabling the lease of additional digital infrastructure necessary for economic development and innovation in key markets, including broadband, retail online services, internet of things, gridpower, health care, training, and education.
Prior to making any detailed statement, the responsible official shall consult with and obtain the comments of any agency which has either jurisdiction by law or special expertise with respect to any environmental impact.
Finally, cities are authorized to sell or lease any public enterprise that it may own upon any terms and conditions that the council may deem best.
Senate Bill 470 (March 30, 2017)
This act amends Rule 26 of the North Carolina Rules of Civil Procedure relating to discovery in bankruptcy trust personal injury claims.
Senate Bill 155 (June 30, 2017)
This acts aims at making various changes to the alcoholic beverage control commission laws, among which the following:
  • Create Spirituous Liquor Special Event Permit to Allow Distilleries to Give Free Tasting
  • Allow Sale of Specified Alcoholic Beverages at Auction by Licensed Auctioneers
  • Allow the Sale of Alcoholic Beverages Before Noon on Sundays, Subject to Local Government Approval
  • Authorize Sale of Crowlers by Retail Permittees
  • Authorize Off-Site Storage Location for Breweries, Wineries, and Distilleries
  • Authorize Sale of Unfortified Wine on Premises by Retail Businesses
  • Authorize Tastings During Brewery Tours
  • Authorize Certain Persons to Sample Alcoholic Beverages for Purposes of Sensory Analysis, Quality Control or Education
  • Amend Homebrewing Laws
  • Clarify Law Governing Relationship between Breweries and Affiliated Retailers
  • Authorize Brewery Taprooms to Sell Other Alcoholic Beverages upon Receiving the Appropriate Permit
  • Authorize Breweries With Production Facilities in Other States to Distribute to Wholesales
  • Authorize Farm Breweries
  • Amend Law Governing Brewery Sales at Additional Retail Locations
  • Tax Compliance and Reports
  • Simplify Local Licensing Applications
  • Clarify Winery Special Event Locations
House Bill 310 (July 21, 2017)
This act reforms collocation of small wireless communications infrastructure to aid in deployment of new technologies.
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