2015 Transportation Infrastructure Summit – We Can’t Wait

According to the most recent U.S. Census Bureau data, Charlotte ranks as the second fastest-growing big city in the country. Charlotte has grown 40 percent since the 2000 census, and the result of our population boom is an increased demand on the transportation infrastructure in the Charlotte region. With a status quo transportation funding structure, the Charlotte region will face a transportation crisis. We will not be able to maintain and improve the safety and efficiency of the transportation network, nor manage the growth that Charlotte continues to experience.

On Friday, April 17, the chamber hosted our Transportation Infrastructure Summit with more than 200 attendees. Speakers included local, state and federal leaders from both the public and private sector. The call to action was loud and clear: we need a stronger, more unified voice to let our state and federal elected officials know that increased funding for transportation infrastructure investment cannot wait. We need your help to address urgent need for a sustainable, long-term funding plan to ensure the safety and efficiency of our transportation future. Please call, email and meet with your representatives to ask them to support increased transportation funding today. Your list of elected officials is HERE – tell them we can’t wait.

While we know increased funding at the state and federal level is critical, we also recognize the need for alternative financing options and innovative public-private partnerships. We urge you to stay engaged in these discussions. Please consider joining our transportation and aviation public policy committees. For more information about these committees, contact Laura Guacci at 704.378.1322.

The Charlotte region must be unified and proactive to create a stable, diversified and economically efficient revenue model that will meet the demands of our current and future needs. For more information on our advocacy efforts, contact Carrie Cook and 704.378.1325.

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Reinhard von Hennigs