1990 or 2010: The Immigration question with the Advance Parole document

One may think the whole Y2K hype is done and over no. But …

In Germany the ATM Machines stopped working January 1, 2010 (well, some ATM card did not process the new year)

In the USA Immigration does not seem to have entered the new year. They were printing and mailing documents with the date 01/05/1990 … this month!

This error by processing Advance Parole documents (the so called “Form I-512”) earlier this year created much concern. U.S. Citizenship and Immigrations Services (USCIS) announced today that it will reissue these in response to documents that were mailed to applicants with an incorrect issue date of January 5, 1990 (instead of 2010). All affected documents have been identified and USCIS will automatically reissue documents to individuals who have received a document with the incorrect issue date.

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